52x2 Post Card Exchange

EXCHANGE → The agreement between Joyce Majiski and Zea Morvitz: each of us will send a postcard to the other, once a week for a year; starting on January 1st, 2011. Each card will be original 5" x 7" artwork … and we did it!

Water / Wabi

Collaborative Project by Joyce Majiski & Zea Morvitz. Joyce: Water Flow pages; Zea: Wabi Sabi pages. Eventually a book.

The Art of Staying in Touch

Bookleteer E-books Collection

I still make e-books with Bookleteer!!! The e-books are free and can be downloaded on the proboscis website through the Diffusion or Bookleteer pages. This means you can download a PDF of the books, print it out on your computer printer and fold your own book. The instructions are on the back page of the book. Hope you have fun with them.

Topographies and Tales

My long term collaboration with Alice Angus and Proboscis has resulted in several outcomes. Our project Topographies and Tales became a film, a series of paintings that became a series of downloadable cubes (see image) and several e-books that documented our project and thoughts during our many travels and times together.