Mixed Media

My practice is usually project driven. Finding myself in new places and environments, I do research and make work based on those experiences. Drawing from a wide range of media, I incorporate painting,  drawing, digital collage, handmade paper and more to explore my themes. I make one of a kind artists books as well as on-line e-books as a way to work through and gather ideas. I am always experimenting with new media and new ways of making things.

the Lobster Trap, Permanent Collection, YG
Firth River stones, graphite and coloured pencils on board
Fishing boat, acrylic on paper,
Selkie, pen and ink illustration
Pen and ink illustration, Selkie story
Barnacles, graphite on paper, 22" x 30"
Whale bone drawing
20 ammonite watercolours
Lyrical whale
5 Magical creatures, 5 lino prints

Artists books

A selection of artists books on my table
pages from the Irish book
Canyon book detail- reworked book
Plastic remnants, Accordion fold, mixed media book
Sea book, found objects, reworked book