Migrations fascinate me, whether on land, sea or air. Each spring and fall the call to move is in the air. Waterfowl "stage" near my home so I have a change to watch the swans, ducks and shorebirds as the rest and feed before heading further north.

Vermillion swans landing, acrylic on paper, 4' x 8'
Migration story, acylic on canvas, 4' x 5'
Forest birds, acrylic on canvas, 2' x 4'
Salmon migration, acrylic on canvas

During one excursion to Skagway Alaska I saw the salmon migration in Pullen Creek.. The Kings of Pullen (acrylic on wooden panel) was inspired there.

Kings of Pullen (sold)
Swans landing, acrylic on paper, 4' x 9'
"Swans" is an acrylic painting on rag paper. The left image of the diptych Swans was made into a large carpet for the Yukon Room at Canada House, the Canadian Embassy in London, UK.
Whale dance, acrylic/mixed media on board 3' x 3'
Whales diving, acrylic/mixed media on board 3' x 4'
Ochre vertebrae, mixed media on pper, 22" x 30"
Whale Joy, acrylic/mixed media on board, 4' x 3'
Coming out of the Mist, Acrylic on canvas 2' x 4'

Caribou Paintings

Moss caribou
Firth River Crossing
Caribou dreamers, graphite and wash on paper, 4' x 6'
Yearlings, acrylic and mixed media on paper, 32" x 40"
3 Green bulls, acrylic/mixed media on canvas.
Spiral dance

Below: Timeless Migrations

acrylic on canvas

Above: Fall Colours

mixed media on canvas

Above: Spring Caribou Racing

acrylic wash and graphite on paper

Costal calf, Acrylic on canvas, 2' x 4'