Salmon migration, acrylic on canvas

During one excursion to Skagway Alaska I saw the salmon migration in Pullen Creek.. The Kings of Pullen (acrylic on wooden panel) was inspired there.

Migrations fascinate me, whether on land, sea or air. Each spring and fall the call to move is in the air. Waterfowl “stage” near my home so I have a change to watch the swans, ducks and shorebirds as the rest and feed before heading further north. The header image “Swans landing” as well as “Vermillion swans” and the diptych above “Swans” are acrylic and watercolour on rag paper. The left image of the diptych Swans was made into a large carpet for the Yukon Room at Canada House, the Canadian Embassy in London, UK.

Forest birds, acrylic and oil stick on canvas

Below: Coming out of the mist, Acrylic on canvas

Caribou Paintings

Below: 3 Green Bulls

acrylic/mixed media on canvas

Above: Moss Caribou

acrylic on board

Above: Caribou Dreamers

acrylic wash and graphite on paper

Below: Timeless Migrations

acrylic on canvas

Above: Fall Colours

mixed media on canvas

Above: Spring Caribou Racing

acrylic wash and graphite on paper

Below: Coastal calf, acrylic on canvas