Tales From the Tideline, Rota, Spain 2016/17

“During my residency here in Rota Spain, I’ve been starting the mornings with a long walk along the beach to watch the sun rise and to see what the sea has to offer me. Surprisingly each day provides a different selection of natural and human made objects and so my collection is quite eclectic in nature. Those of you who know me can imagine how much fun I am having and also how fast I am filling up my space!  I’m beginning to amalgamate the objects, placing them within a series of reworked books and wooden boxes. So much plastic washing up on the shoreline begs the question of where is it all coming from? DO we need all of this stuff and how can we throw s much away.  I’m working towards an  exhibition “Tales from the Tideline” at the end of January at a beautiful municipal space here in Rota.